Partner In Crime

When Bryce and I venture out for walks and general outings, inevitably, I stop and take photos. Since my phone is always with me, I can’t help but pull it out and snap away using whatever app I happen to be hot on that day. Like Janet, Bryce patiently waits while daddy’s attention is diverted to the next incredible photo. I can only imagine what’s going through his little mind. I’m sure he’s wondering what I could possibly be staring for so long.

Partner in Crime

Thousand Oaks City Hall

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Koi • Gardens of The World

Coy • Gardens of the world

Gardens of The World is a favorite outing for my little boy Bryce and I. Just down the street from us in Thousand Oaks, the free admission makes it that much more enticing. At six months old, he’s already showing an interest in nature, particularly the Coy that seem eager to swim over whoever presents themselves.

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Linne Calodo Harvest Party 2013

Linne Calodo Harvest Party 2013-2

Linne Calodo Harvest Party 2013-4

Linne Calodo Harvest Party 2013-5

Linne Calodo Harvest Party 2013-6

Amazing wine, food, music, and friends were in no short supply at this years Linne Calodo harvest party. Matt & Maureen Trevisan graciously opened their family winery to no less than three hundred of their closest friends and treated everyone to a day not soon forgotten. Matt showcased his new fall releases, as well as delved into his library that included 2004 and 2005 favorites that have long since been unavailable to the public. A food truck rolled out what can only be described as appetizers gone wild. Items such as pesto tri-tip, baby brussel sprouts with gorgonzola, and goat cheese soufflé were just a few of my personal favorites. The evening menu consisted of spit roasted roasted pork tacos and bite sized cup cakes with flavors like sea salted caramel, bacon & dark chocolate. Local bands kept us entertained well into the night followed by a children’s talent show that gave us a preview of some stars in the making. I’ve often been asked what it is about Linne Calodo that makes it my favorite wine and up until now, I haven’t been able to put my finger on it. Devotion to family, a passion for your craft, and the dedication to see it through has somehow been bottled and it’s name is Linne Calodo.

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Old Coach Road Open House

Old_Coach Rd.

Special thanks to all those who stopped by my Old Coach Road open house!

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Go Bruins!

UCLA Royce Hall

It’s great to see UCLA once again rising to it’s football excellence while USC displays it’s true losing colors. Posters are available here for just $9.99 plus shipping.

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Old One Eye

One Eyed Maize

Every time I visit my folks I can’t resist capturing another photo of Maize. She may be getting older but she’s still a great dog!

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More Photos from my “Carney Life” Series

Here’s a few more photos from my “Carney Life” series. I’m hoping to finish it by next fall. Eric Rozen of posted other photos in the portfolio section located here.

The Zipper


Carney Swing

Carney Sunset

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Familiar Places

The Sierras have been a place my family has visited since as far back as I can remember. It started off with annual winter trips to Mammoth skiing followed by back packing and fishing trips with my uncle Jon during and after my college years. A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to visit again with Janet’s family and our brother-in-law’s parents. (The Bisters) It’s especially nice to bring Bryce and his cousin Collin on what will hopefully be traditions that will last into their adult lives. The happiest memories I have of my father are being relived at some of the very same places Bryce is now seeing for the first time.

Hwy 395 #1

Hwy 395 #2

Mono Lake

Owens River

Leo Bister fishing the Owens River

Robert Foulger fishing the Owens River

Snowcreek Golf Course, Mammoth

Gondola, Mammoth Mountain


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