More iPhone Photos

Since the holidays I’ve been a bit busy and unfortunately the blog has been neglected. Below are some iPhone photos that were taken in the past few months. At some point I’m going to get around to a post of some of my favorite apps as well as a new lens system for the iPhone that Santa (my wife Janet) was kind enough to bring me on Christmas. I’ve become addicted to Instagram and update that on a daily basis where most of these images can be found. If you’re interested, click the follow button to the right of this post.

Happy New Year!

Reeds • Lake Hodges

Sunspot • Lake Hodges


From the trail • Lake Hodges

Reading in the Garden

View From Beppa's window

Stephanie getting ready

Stephanie's Wedding

Daniel & Stephanie

Skagit River

Bench along the Skagit

Skagit River 2

Overpass • Washington

Ice Skating • Thousand Oaks

Big Top



Unfulfilled Christmas Destiny


The Car Wash


Malibu Pier

Under Malibu Pier

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