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My photography career has taken a bit of a turn in the past year. Commercial and wedding work has been on the decline for quite some time so I’ve become a real estate agent in order to increase our income with the hope that one day Janet might be able to stay home with Bryce and any future rug-rats that my be joining us. My photography has shifted to personal projects with limited edition books and prints being the focus.

I Didn’t Picture This is my first book & print edition series. This project stems from my time spent in Hollywood as an photography assistant in the early nineties after my time at Brooks Institute of Photography. Back then Polaroid 665 film was a favorite of mine because of it’s unpredictable nature and scratchy emulsion. The iPhone and Hipstamatic app do an amazing job of recreating this effect so I decided to revisit my old stomping grounds and document some of Hollywood’s iconic and quirky landmarks. I’ve always been intrigued with the dichotomy of Hollywood the place and Hollywood the idea and this book attempts to showcase that.

This series is a combination mounted print and book set, limited to 50 copies. The book is cradled behind the print which is mounted on Gessobord and textured. The print is officially closed and no more will be made in any size. Both the book and print are signed and numbered. All Photos were taken using an iPhone 4 and Hipstamatic app. I have approximately 30 left and are available to purchase for $225 at the bottom of this blog post. Please feel free to call or email with any questions.




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