A Day at the Beach

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New Lensbaby Gallery!

I recently acquired the LM10 Lensbaby for mobile devises as well as the Sweet 50 optic for DSLR’s and I’ve been having a blast trying them out. Click the Lensbaby button in the above and see some of my favorites.

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You Will Be Missed!

I had the good fortune of spending time with Leonard Knight on many of my trips to the Salton Sea back in 2000. Salvation Mountain was on the way to many of my destinations and he was always eager to talk, play his guitar, and spread one singular message. God is Love. Leonard died on Monday, February 10. He will be greatly missed by the many thousands of people who visited him received his message of good news.

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More iPhone Photos

Since the holidays I’ve been a bit busy and unfortunately the blog has been neglected. Below are some iPhone photos that were taken in the past few months. At some point I’m going to get around to a post of some of my favorite apps as well as a new lens system for the iPhone that Santa (my wife Janet) was kind enough to bring me on Christmas. I’ve become addicted to Instagram and update that on a daily basis where most of these images can be found. If you’re interested, click the follow button to the right of this post.

Happy New Year!

Reeds • Lake Hodges

Sunspot • Lake Hodges


From the trail • Lake Hodges

Reading in the Garden

View From Beppa's window

Stephanie getting ready

Stephanie's Wedding

Daniel & Stephanie

Skagit River

Bench along the Skagit

Skagit River 2

Overpass • Washington

Ice Skating • Thousand Oaks

Big Top



Unfulfilled Christmas Destiny


The Car Wash


Malibu Pier

Under Malibu Pier

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Book & Print Edition

My photography career has taken a bit of a turn in the past year. Commercial and wedding work has been on the decline for quite some time so I’ve become a real estate agent in order to increase our income with the hope that one day Janet might be able to stay home with Bryce and any future rug-rats that my be joining us. My photography has shifted to personal projects with limited edition books and prints being the focus.

I Didn’t Picture This is my first book & print edition series. This project stems from my time spent in Hollywood as an photography assistant in the early nineties after my time at Brooks Institute of Photography. Back then Polaroid 665 film was a favorite of mine because of it’s unpredictable nature and scratchy emulsion. The iPhone and Hipstamatic app do an amazing job of recreating this effect so I decided to revisit my old stomping grounds and document some of Hollywood’s iconic and quirky landmarks. I’ve always been intrigued with the dichotomy of Hollywood the place and Hollywood the idea and this book attempts to showcase that.

This series is a combination mounted print and book set, limited to 50 copies. The book is cradled behind the print which is mounted on Gessobord and textured. The print is officially closed and no more will be made in any size. Both the book and print are signed and numbered. All Photos were taken using an iPhone 4 and Hipstamatic app. I have approximately 30 left and are available to purchase for $225 at the bottom of this blog post. Please feel free to call or email with any questions.




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Orcutt Ranch

Statue • Orcutt Ranch

Statues • Orcutt Ranch

I was recently made aware of a great location in Chatsworth for photo shoots or simply site-seeing with the family. Orcutt Ranch was originally a California Mission that the late W.W. Orcutt converted into his vacation home. The mission contains swastikas throughout the grounds however, this was a positive religious symbol before the Nazi’s adopted it and made it the horrific icon it is today.


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Betty & Lexi



Lexi in her favorite spot


I had the opportunity last week of photographing Betty McFarlin, a realtor in my office who needed an updated head shot for her business card. She was gracious enough to let me take a few iPhone out-takes photos of her and her dog Lexi. Like most dogs, Lexi runs the house and doesn’t hesitate to let everyone know who’s REALLY in charge. Lexi is a sweet Caca Poo (Yes… This is a real breed of dog.) that thinks she’s a person. It’s funny how dogs are more like people than most people. This might sound strange, but dogs really do have all the best human qualities.

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Happy Halloween!!

Burly Bryce

My wife Janet stumbled upon a great site (www.burlybeard.com) that makes knitted caps and beards for all ages. When we saw they had one for infants, we jumped at the opportunity. The soft warm construction made it the perfect lumber jack costume for keeping little Bryce warm Halloween night.

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